Saturday, May 24, 2008


this is brooke and she took thesse pictures herself!

awwww sad!and pretty!!!!!!!!

dead dear and a eagle im sad for both!!!!!dad found this on his big california/camping trip!!!!!!!!!!but the eagle isnt shown becuase we havnt downloadsed the picture to the computer so srry but im going to put on a pretty flower instead i love the smell it is a ................thinking makes me head hurt so srry i cant say now!!!


loook kassie and her boyfriend,will went to prom looking like this.awwwww they end all of the pack of pictures with a kiss!

Monday, January 21, 2008


look at what happen to cindy when she fell the second time it looks sooo bad like the first time she came here she got bit by a hobo spider now this she got hurt real bad and keeps joking how shes gettin a loyer for this!!hahaha:):):)well i g2g (got to go) well bubye:):):)hahaha still lauging to see when moms going to get up!!!:)):)hahe.

omg betsy and cindy (my aunts) are leaving!!!!aw!!:(

why do they have to go we had such a great time mostly with are lango we made up so much and had such a great time going cross country and the funneist part was when cindy fell down are bestment floors it was just so funny and betsy and cindy if you ever see this i miss you you come back here!!!!well i luve you and i hope we can vist you somtime again!well bubye!cy (see ya) or (c-ya) hehehaha bye.
p.s. ill never forget betsy playin the ukalayly and her name the ukali godess and ill never forget cindy's huge bruses well bye!

Sunday, January 20, 2008

la la la la

We went ice skating last night.

Cindy fell down the stairs

That was so funny when Cindy fell down the stairs. Twice.

Here's a picture of me, Kimmie.